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Beginning my blogs

Most of my books have been about Florida’s nature and most of them are aimed at young readers, but my latest one is about some historical events in Florida for young readers. The only piece of fiction I ever sold was a short story that Jack and Jill magazine bought -- oh, so many years ago. And now I’ve combined my love of history with another published effort at fiction. Actually fictionalized historical truth. The history is well researched, so the only really fictional part of the stories is the conversation, since nobody recorded it.

The only story I fudged a little on the facts is in the one about the "Florida Cadets at Natural Bridge". I don’t know if a cadet helped a wounded Confederate soldier to the medical station, but at the reenactment where I learned so much of my information, the demonstration included the rather barbaric medical treatment for bullet wounds in the mid-1800s. Kids like that gory stuff, don’t they? So I made that up. Or maybe it happened!

I don’t expect any of my blogs to be very long – just a comment about something I think you might enjoy. So check in every couple of weeks and see what’s on my mind.

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