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Lake Lucy Photos

After my new website was posted, a friend who has visited our property sent me an email suggesting that I should take photos around my place instead of using those “stock photos”. When I assured him that every one of them was taken by me on our property at Lake Lucy, he was astonished and said I should add photography as one of my trades, as in “jack of all …

But I am really not a photographer. I have a pretty good Olympia digital camera, which I mostly use as a point-and-shoot. Sometimes I use the close-up feature and often use its limited built-in telephoto feature.

I don’t remember when I got the digital camera, so some of the photos were probably taken on my previous film camera.

All of them scroll by as my screen saver. I’m glad he liked them! Hope you do, too.

I have many more that have not been put on my website yet. You’ll probably see them all eventually. Every once in a while I take some more. Like the huge white blossoms on my cereus cactus. It blooms only in the night, usually when the moon is bright. The pollinator is a moth. Sometimes I sit outside and watch for a while, hoping to see the insect fly into the blossom, but I never have. This year it was not visited by a moth. I know because it didn’t produce a fruit. Last year it bore big red cactus pears.

The photo accompanying this blog is the cereus blossom. I’m not sure of the species name, though it might be Cereus jamacaru. If it’s of interest to you I will identify the photos with each blog.

P.S. The friend who commented on my photos also – when he walked around my woods for the first time – kept saying “This is magical. It’s just magic.” He made my little heart go pitty-pat because I love this place, which my parents bought in 1935. And my children and grandchildren love it, too.

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