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Lake Lucy Tales

Life in Early Days of Central Florida

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“I read this lovely book with my heart in my mouth and tears in my eyes. Recollections of families who lived on Lake Lucy in the 30s and 40s, the details are vivid and the emotional attachments still undimmed. Highly recommended for lovers of Florida history.”

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Lake Lucy Tales will make you wish your grandparents lived here. My grandparents moved their three young children to Lake Lucy in west Orange County, Florida, in 1914. I visited them there when I was a child. When my parents returned to Lake Lucy after my dad retired, my children visited their grandparents there. And now, our grandchildren are visiting us here at Lake Lucy. Those who grew up here or spent their summers here with family have a remarkable sentimental attachment to this place. When I was in college, I wrote a composition for my English class that began, “Lake Lucy is the most wonderful place in the world.” I still think so.

126 pages. Published by Woodsmere Press. ISBN: 978-0-96796-008-1.

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